The Pasadena Guild has a long and important history of support for Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles. After decades of raising vital funding for CHLA, the Guild elected in 1989 to launch and fund specific endowments addressing critical needs at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Since that time, the Pasadena Guild is proud to have completed nine significant endowments, two capital campaigns, and to have provided funding for crucial services and breakthrough research that give children a better and brighter future.

Our Latest Project

The Pasadena Chair for the Chief of Clinical Immunology and Allergy

$3 Million Dollars  ·  Dr. Ronald. Ferdman

The Pasadena Guild’s Endowed Chair for the Chief of Clinical Immunology and Allergy will provide visionary leadership towards the care and treatment of children suffering from critical allergies and immunodeficiencies. CHLA’s Division of Immunology and Allergy combines innovative treatment, research, education and outreach in the care of children with severe allergic disease, asthma, and primary immunodeficiency disorders.

The inaugural chair holder is Ronald Ferdman, MD, Chair of the CHLA Medical Staff and Chair of the Division of Immunology and Allergy. Dr. Ferdman’s internationally recognized research focuses exclusively in the treatment of severe childhood asthma and other allergic diseases; resident medical education; food and drug allergy and anaphylaxis; and primary immunodeficiency. Each year, over 4,000 patients are seen in the Allergy and Immunology outpatient clinics. Under the aegis of Dr. Ferdman, CHLA’s Allergy and Immunology expert team of faculty, physicians and researchers works closely with each child’s primary care physician to provide a full range of personalized clinical services.

A globally renowned researcher and lecturer, Dr. Ferdman has authored more than 100 articles, editorials, abstracts and other publications highlighting the extraordinary treatments and innovations pioneered by CHLA. The Guild is pleased to endow this significant chair supporting critical leadership at Children’s Hospital as well as groundbreaking research into pediatric immunology and allergies.

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