The Pasadena Guild has a long and important history of support for Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles. After decades of raising vital funding for CHLA, the Guild elected in 1989 to launch and fund specific endowments addressing critical needs at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Since that time, the Pasadena Guild is proud to have completed eight significant endowments, two capital campaigns, and to have provided funding for vital services and breakthrough research that give children a better and brighter future.

Our Newest Project

The Pasadena Chair for the Pediatrician-In-Chief, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs

$3 Million Dollars  ·  Dr. Robert E. Shaddy

The Pasadena Guild Endowed Chair for the Pediatrician-in-Chief will help shape the future of pediatric care in our community by supporting visionary leadership and the Hospital’s goal of expanding existing programs and providing multidisciplinary care to more patients in Southern California and beyond.

The inaugural chair holder is Robert E. Shaddy, MD, CHLA’s current Pediatrician-in-Chief, who is an internationally renowned cardiologist with more than 25 years of experience caring for children. Dr. Shaddy oversees faculty appointments as well as educational and research activities, including clinical trials and studies performed at The Saban Research Institute of CHLA, where scientists work to improve treatment options and outcomes for a wide range of pediatric diseases. Dr. Shaddy’s own research has focused on the use of echocardiography and other imaging techniques, transplant coronary artery disease, the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs in treating heart failure and the use of ventricular assist devices in children. In addition, Dr. Shaddy is currently conducting the only worldwide clinical trial designed to create lifesaving protocols for children with pediatric heart failure and pediatric heart transplantation needs. The Guild is pleased to endow this significant chair supporting the primary leadership of Children’s Hospital as well as groundbreaking heart research. 

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